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Burger Films

Burger Films

Responsive Wordpress VideoJS Javascript jQuery HTML5 CSS3 SASS 2015 Freelance

A freelance, wordpress based site for a film directors collective. The client wanted to be able to edit the site as and when they wanted and the decision was made to use wordpress for that functionality. It's got a stylish, modern, slightly minimalistic design.

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Tommy Hilfiger UK

Tommy Hilfiger

Adaptive WebSphere e-commerce Javascript jQuery HTML5 CSS3 SASS 2015 With Salmon E-Commerce

My first e-commerce project, for a very high profile client. I was hired as the lead responsive developer and was in charge of setting up a custom framework and the CSS coding standards, as well as the responsibility for quality.

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DeBeers Group Corporate

DeBeers Group

Responsive CQ5/AEM VideoJS Javascript jQuery HTML5 CSS3 2014 With Black Sun

A CQ5/AEM based highly visual, fully responsive website. This was a showcase project both for Black Sun and for DeBeers that, although very elaborate, had very a tight deadline. It was build in 6 weeks with two backend and one frontend developer.

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Uralkali Investor App


Tablet Mobile AppCache HTML5 CSS3 Javascript jQuery Multilanguage 2014 With Black Sun

A handheld specific website for use by Uralkali Investors. It uses AppCache in order to store the app and it's content on users devices for offline usage. The app refreshes periodically when online, and provides settings to turn the auto refresh and offline storage on and off. The app was slightly different for tablet and mobile, and came in English and Russian.

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Rio Tinto Reporting Suite

Rio Tinto

Desktop HTML CSS3 Javascript jQuery Multi Site 2014 With Black Sun

A suite of three interactive websites produced in one month. The Reporting Centre acts as the gateway and is the most interactive, with only bite sized chunks of information. The Reporting Centre leads onto two large sites that are heavier on content.

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NLMK Annual Report


Desktop Animations Javascript jQuery HTML CSS Multilanguage 2012 With Black Sun

Sole developer on this annual report with interactive pages.

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See the timeline animation

See the business model animation


Hi, I'm Maggie, and Wolf Digital is my online alter ego.

I am a creative front end developer - this means that although front end development is my love and passion, I come from a digital design background, which in turn means great attention to detail and creative flair that is reflected in everything I do.

I have 6 years of experience in building websites, with lots of experience in Responsive Web Design and mobile web apps. I am very passionate about UX too.

Right now I am going around South America with a backback and few plans, so I am not available for any contract work in London, but I am open to some remote work.

ResumeDownload my résumé

I would love to hear from you.

Note: I am currently in South America and available for remote work only (unless you happen to be located in whatever city I am currently in!).